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Transmission problems can be destructive to your vehicle and often times are hard to detect - but the longer they go unresolved, the more costly the repair will end up being.  The most noticeable symptoms often leave more questions than answers without having a comprehensive diagnostic check-up by a certified professional.  Our trained transmission technicians ability to pinpoint what’s wrong early on means your vehicle and your wallet will be happier.  Our skilled transmission techs can repair the most complicated issues that may come up with your vehicle. 

We rebuild transmissions, replace transmissions and re-manufacture transmissions in house with experienced transmission builders. We do not use rebuilt transmissions from 3rd party resellers because we cannot guarantee the quality of the rebuilt transmission.

In our world, terms such as New, rebuilt, re-manufactured, reconditioned, repaired and factory rebuilt are used in the industry. The total value in any of these terms is absolutely nothing - especially to the typical vehicle owner.  They confuse the consumer, so it is important to know what a "rebuilt transmission" really Transmission Repair of Powder Springs we consider the following when we say a "rebuilt" transmission:

•Cleaning – total disassembly, and cleaning to remove contaminants.
•Tolerances – parts are visually inspected, polished and checked for wear before assembly begins.
•Valve bodies – worn valve springs and plates are replaced. Electrical components are replaced.
•New parts – transmission receives a replacement package of new clutches, rotating bands, rotating sealing rings, and all seals and sealing materials. These parts meet or exceed original specifications, assuring a long life.
•Assembly – Our assembly procedures are done in a "clean room" atmosphere, and decades of experience help maintain a very high quality control during this critical process. Tolerances are once again checked at this stage.
•Torque converters – every rebuilding process demands a quality torque converter. The time and effort spent in rebuilding a transmission would be totally wasted using an old converter.

At Transmission Repair of Powder Springs, we back our services with a 2 year certified warranty and a guarantee that when we fix something for the first time, we always fix it the right way.  Transmission repair of Powder Springs seeks to provide the best quality service for a price that leaves you money for the more pleasurable things in life...

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